We help brands solve problems and unlock growth with 3D virtual, augmented reality and next generation immersive environments.

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What we do

We help brands bring their ideas to life in 3D digital worlds and other multi-sensory ecosystems, cultivating deeper human connections with their audiences.

Supermind's founder is the 1st public user to bring 3D emotes / emojis to life in Decentraland - showcased at the Metaverse Fashion Week Summer Gala 2022. The yoga dance emote was sold out in 2 days of official launch.

3D Virtual Sound Bath Expierence

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SpaceBeach Meditation

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We specialize in developing rich 3D multi-sensory experiences - powered by immersive soundscapes, visual designs, animations, and interactive environments.
We can create bespoke full end-to-end or other special solutions for brands, depending on the situation.


- 3D Specialized Promotional & Growth Strategies
- 3D Avatars Clothing/Wearable Designs
- 3D Buildings
- 3D Experiences

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